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I have developed this website to inspire you towards projects that offer real energy solutions.
Renewable energy is a hot topic these days, especially now that the world has to tighten its belt in light of the global economy problems and the threat to the earth’s resources.

We all know about solar power and wind power and have heard about various things that are going on in the wider scheme of things to look after the planet’s natural resources. We all know the right thing to do is to be environmentally-friendly. But we have become accustomed to the finer things in life, and many of us want to be green without compromising our lifestyle.

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Installing solar panels and looking to wind power to give us the energy and power needed for our homes is one solution. But if that step is not viable, there are many other options that can save energy, cut costs and that can fit in with our everyday lives.

Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby. Turning them off completely, even if that involves unplugging them from the mains supply, is such a simple thing to do. This will cut down on your energy consumption, which does the planet, and your pocket, a favour.

Would you really notice if your thermostat was turned down a degree or two? The chances are you would not feel the slightest difference. However, you would notice the difference in your energy bills over a period of time.

Switching the light bulbs in your home to energy-saving ones will reduce the amount of energy used while still providing the same light effects. These light bulbs also last years longer, so you will be reducing waste and reducing the amount of money you have to spend on replacement bulbs.

Sealing your home against drafts and having your roof space properly insulated will make a big difference to the amount of energy it takes to heat your home. The initial cost is relatively cheap, and you will recoup the outlay pretty quickly on your lower energy bills.

If you are going on a short journey that’s within walking distance, leave the car at home. You will not only get some exercise, and increase your own energy you will also cut back on emissions into the atmosphere and reduce the amount you have to spend on fuel. If it’s feasible, look into car sharing for the commute into work, or take public transport. The less time you spend on the road in your car, the better for the environment.

When cleaning your teeth and washing your face in the mornings, turn the tap off when it’s not needed. We waste gallons of water in this manner, when we can simply turn the tap off while we brush and turn in back on to rinse. Simple!

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