Camping with Solar Power    

Camping with Solar BackpackSolar power can be used to power something as big as an entire house full of electrical goods, or something as small as a calculator.

These days solar energy is being harnessed to run all kinds of gadgets and products, and many of these are perfect for camping expeditions. Camping with solar power is not unusual now in fact it has become common. 

Most gadgets are fitted with photovoltaic solar panels, which take in the light from the sun and turn it into power, which can either be stored in the battery until you are ready to use the item, or can be used to power the product immediately. 

Solar powered gadgets can provide extra safety when camping or out on long walks in the evening. We have all seen those horror movies when the intended victim gets stranded and needs to call someone, but lo and behold her mobile phone has run out of power. Well, if she had a solar powered mobile phone charger with her maybe the inevitable would not have happened. 

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As night falls when you’re camping, the last thing you want to happen is for the batteries in your torch to go flat. There are solar powered gadgets to solve that problem, including even a waterproof solar torch, meaning you don’t even have to pack a charger with your camping equipment. 

Another item many people take with them when they are becoming one with nature on a camping trip is a digital camera, so they can record their experiences to relive again with family and friends. Solar powered panel packs can ensure you are always ready to capture that magical moment. Packs like these are often robust, yet easy to pack and take with you when you are on the move. These packs can even recharge handheld gaming systems, which for those of you who have children with you on a camping trip, could prove to be an absolute lifesaver. 

Solar power is revolutionizing camping trips, making them safer than ever before and ensuring that, should you want them, you can have your creature comforts even when sleeping under the stars. 

As well as being completely environmentally friendly, helping you to utilize a source of renewable energy, solar power chargers are also silent, meaning there will be no humming or buzzing sounds penetrating the air when you are trying to sleep. They are also completely free to use once the equipment is purchased, unlike a socket extension lead, which costs you money every time you plug it into the mains. The beauty of solar power is that you just leave it outside to soak up the sun’s rays and you are ready to go. No hassle, no problems and no cost. 

Using solar power also means you need to do nothing in the way of maintenance. The only thing you need is a little sunlight, so leave them out to charge when the sun comes out to play. These gadgets can store energy, so even if the following day is grey and overcast, you will still be fully charged and raring to go. 

Alternatively you can build solar panels to charge batteries and other appliances so you are by no means limited when camping. 

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