Deep Cell Batteries

Click Here for a Practical Use - Green DIY EnergyWhile the subject of batteries and battery types may not be the most thrilling of topics for the majority of us, it is vitally important when talking about sources of renewable energy.

There are many different types of batteries, with each one more suited to certain power requirements, but the one associated with renewable energy, and often used in solar and wind appliances is the deep cell battery, also known as a deep cycle battery.

Batteries, as you know, are used to store power, or energy. In the same way that the human body needs food to replace the energy it has expelled, batteries need their energy or power replacing. They do not produce power themselves.

If the energy taken out of the battery is not replaced, the battery eventually runs out of power and dies.

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Deep cell batteries, which can be found in things like golf carts and boats, have thick, strong lead plates, meaning they are suitable to undergo a deeper discharge of power for a longer period of time.

Where something like a car battery will provide large surges of power for short periods of time, deep cell (or deep cycle) batteries provide sustained and consistent power over longer periods of time. This does not mean that a deep cell battery can never produce a surge of power. Indeed, it can when needed, although it will not be on the same scale as a car battery.

As mentioned above, deep cell batteries can be discharged more deeply than other types of battery. They can regularly be discharged to 20 per cent of the total capacity. Discharging a car battery in the same manner would almost certainly render it unusable.

Deep cell batteries are also manufactured to undergo the discharging/ recharging process many, many times. Car batteries are not suitable for this, and cannot be discharged to the same capacity as a deep cell battery.

Looking at these points, it is clear to see why deep cell batteries are perfect for renewable energy appliances. However, they are also more expensive to buy than other types of batteries, which in times such as these when the world is facing a global economy slowdown, is not good news.

There are a few things you could try though, to get your hands on a deep cell battery for little or no cost. These batteries are found in golf carts, so it could be worth calling your local golf club and seeing if they have any they are looking to offload. If not, ask them to keep your name and contact details if any do come up.

Deep cell batteries are also found in fork-lift trucks. Many of these batteries will last years, but stringent rules and regulations often mean manufacturers keep their fork lift truck batteries for only five or six years. Try calling a few factories in your area and asking what their policy is.

You may just find you can get your hands on some perfectly good deep cell batteries for free.

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