DIY Solar Water Heater

DIY Solar Water HeaterThese days, most people are aware of the advantages of renewable energy. However, many people are put off by the cost, or the inconvenience of installing solar power.
A DIY solar water heater doesn’t have to be difficult! If you don’t want to spend big dollars paying a company to set up a solar water heater in your home, you can build one yourself for very little money and just a little effort.  

Using the natural elements for electricity and hot water is not only far cheaper (solar powered appliances can reduce your energy bills by up to 33%!!) but is also much better for the environment than more conventional methods. The sun is a readily available, easy and cheap resource that everyone can use. Even if you live in a colder climate, a D.I.Y solar water heater can be very effective.   

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There are many different ways to build your own solar water heater. 

·         One of the most basic is a water container painted black. (Yes, it really can be that simple!) Fill the container with water, leave it in direct sunlight, and voila! Your own solar water heater. You can adapt this very simple method to your own needs and tastes, but always remember that using a matte black colour for your container is the first and easiest step-black is the best colour for insulating heat and absorbing the sun’s rays. 

·         Another very simple method is to take a length of black plastic tubing (plastic is also good for absorbing and insulating heat) and run it from a water source directly into a container, ensuring that the pipe is under as much direct sunlight as possible. Job done; for less than a day’s work, and under $50. 

·         To increase the heat further, place mirrors around the water container, perpendicular to the sun’s rays, to reflect the rays and concentrate the heat onto the container. 

·         Placing the water container inside a glass box will increase the efficiency of the heater even more-the glass acts like a greenhouse by trapping the sun’s rays and warming the container further.  

These very simple systems can be connected easily and safely to your existing water system. 

What to do if you don’t live in a hot climate? Even if there is cloud cover or you live in a colder part of the world, you can still make your own solar water heater. The above methods will still work, but might not be quite so effective.   

If you live in an area where frost and freezing temperatures are likely, then a few precautions may be necessary-such as ensuring a “closed loop” system, where the water is kept moving to prevent freezing (if the water freezes then the tank will crack and leak.) This may mean that your solar heater is more complicated-some plumbing knowledge is needed-but it is still definitely something that can be done safely and cheaply at home. 

Whatever the reason for deciding on a solar water heater-whether environmental concerns or money matters, a solar water heater is the best way to go. 

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