Gold Prospecting with Solar Power   

Portable Solar Power PocketsGold Prospecting with Solar power has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, and is now thought of as a clean, environmentally friendly and relatively simple way of providing power and energy without plundering the earth’s natural resources.

Solar power can be used in all kinds of situations and in all sorts of activities. Where some people may use their solar power panels to heat their homes or to power appliances, other people may use the power of the sun for gold prospecting. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Prospecting for gold is a tedious and lengthy process, requiring patience and stamina, along with certain pieces of equipment that make the job possible. 

As you can imagine, prospecting for gold usually takes place in remote areas of the world. This means that should you start running low on power you cannot just plug your battery charger into the nearest socket. Instead, you have to get your power from the provisions of the earth, and that is where renewable energy sources come in, such as solar power. 

Solar Power Pockets charge your batteries while Gold Prospecting

If you have purchased a gold detector, you know how annoying it can be when your battery needs charging and you are kilometers away from home. A portable solar panel will be just the thing to keep you powered up and set you on your way to finding that valuable nugget of gold. 

There would be nothing worse than your gold detector running out of power when you are right in the swing of things. Even if you charge the equipment up before you go, you still run the risk of running low, or even running out, of power. 

There are other ways to utilise the renewable energy sources we have all around us when out gold prospecting, such as harnessing the power of the wind, or using running water to create energy and power your device. 

But solar power is a great, portable way to keep your gadgets running when you are far away from other energy sources. And, even though this is stating the obvious, it is especially great in areas that have the luxury of hours of sunshine.  

Many solar panels can store energy they get from the sunlight, so even if it gets dull and cloudy while you are out and about, you should still be able to get the power you need to carry on prospecting for gold. 

Many professional gold detectors can be powered using solar panel chargers. This shows how important solar power is becoming in the gold prospecting world, and how many people are starting to rely on it to keep them charged up during their work. 

Using the power of the sun as an energy source is also good for the environment around us, and it means that you do not have to carry bulky power packs and cables around with you. But, perhaps best of all, once you have purchased the right solar power charger for you, it is completely free of charge to get it loaded up with energy. The added bonus is you can also charge your mobile phone if you are in range or send an email in the blind spots as data can easily transfer compared to mobile communication. In an emergency you will never be stuck. 

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Portable Solar Power Pockets