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Make solar power earth4energy click hereWhen you need electrical power and are some distance from the grid, it may be cheaper to generate the power on the spot than pay to extend transmission lines. Naturally, battery bank and charging systems are more proficient than a generator running continuously at low load. Then, as solar panels and batteries in the bank are modular, you can enlarge your solar power system gradually as your budget or needs increase. 


Another great advantage of solar powered generators is that they require little maintenance. Installed properly, solar panel arrays are durable and reliable and need not much attention. Solar cells should be installed facing north (as we’re in the southern hemisphere) and tilted at some angle so the rainwater could flow down. The electronics and the batteries should be protected from the elements and the wires should be as short as possible and well isolated.  


Solar cells 


Let’s talk about how the electricity appears in the solar power batteries. There are photovoltaic, or PV, cells inside of a solar panel which convert sun’s energy into electricity. The cells are fabricated using special semiconductor materials that convert the light energy to electrical energy. 


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Lots of people mistake solar cells for solar panels. Remember that it takes many small solar cells connected together to make one large solar panel. The cells that make up the panel are usually made of silicon and are treated with phosphorous or boron. As light strikes the cells it is captured by the semiconductor material, what is called the photovoltaic effect. Though lion’s share of the sun’s energy is lost during the conversion the solar panels remain a good choice for renewable energy systems for their low maintenance and long life. 


Charge controller 


The charge controller is placed between the source of the electricity, which is the solar panel, and its destination, which is normally a battery bank. The controller is used to prevent the battery block from overcharging.  


In simple words, charge controller looks after the battery voltage. When it reaches full charge, the controller simply shorts the solar panel leads together. This doesn’t harm the solar panels, but it just stops converting sun energy into electricity. The energy ends up heating the transistors in the controller instead. 



Battery bank 


The battery bank is the main thing in your solar power system. Batteries are used to store DC electricity received during sunny day for use at a future time. You must know that there are two types of electrical current. DC is for direct current and is used in your car, while AC is for alternating current and is circulating in the grid. If you want to convert DC to AC you’ll need a special device named inventor. 


Number and capacity of batteries in the bank matter for solar energy system performance. If your battery bank is too small then your generator will not perform well and your batteries will have a very short life. If the bank is too large it will be difficult to make a full charge, again resulting in poor performance.  


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