Marine Solar Panels

Marine Solar Power PocketsAnyone with a love of the sea will know how relaxing it can be to sail out on the crystal clear waters with just nature for company.   

However, this idyllic scene is often interrupted by the sound of the revving engine, or the noise from the generator that many yachts and sailing boats have to run in order to have access to things like on-board electrical panels, lights and communication tools.  

This means that even when you are cruising, you often still have to keep the engine running to keep the batteries charged and ensure that when you open your fridge to get a drink after a thirsty hour of sailing, the drink will be ice cold. 

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These days though, many boat and yacht enthusiasts are turning to solar power, meaning that every time they get on board their vessel, they have full power availability that can easily service all their needs. 

It also means that while cruising gently on the open seas, the engine or generator can remain switched off and passengers can enjoy a truly relaxing adventure. This is because solar panels are completely silent, and they can store energy they get from the sun to make sure that the power levels do not fall to zero. 

The beauty of using solar panels is that they are suitable for just about any size boat that needs electricity, and even when you are not on board the panels can keep taking in the light from sun and store the energy for future use. 

There may be an initial outlay of cost, but you will find this quickly pays for itself in the savings you make from not keeping the engine or generator running to keep electricity flowing. Added to that is the benefit to the environment.  

Solar panels are clean, silent and do not contribute to global warming or climate change. Instead, they utilize the earth’s natural resource of sunlight to allow full use of all the on board comforts you could need. 

Many people like to make their own solar panels for their boats and yachts. Making your own solar panel can be less expensive than purchasing ready-made ones. It is also a relatively easy exercise to undertake, as many of the materials are readily available at hardware stores.  

There are many guides available to advise on building your own solar panel, and once you have built one you will probably find you build many more. This means you can eventually use them for power at other locations, even perhaps at home. 

The benefit here is that you can build the solar panels to the exact specification and size that is perfect for your particular boat. This can be a huge plus point if room on your boat is limited, which is the case on many vessels. 

So it is safe to say that solar panels are the ideal way to keep your boat or yacht fully powered, and as an added bonus they literally won’t cost the earth. 

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