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Reviewer: Raelene Johnson
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Website reviewed: Earth4Energy

Click Here to visit Earth4Energy by Michael HarveyMichael Harvey Review: Michael Harvey is the author of Earth4Energy. Earth4Energy is a 90 page eBook with 3 instructional videos about renewable energy.
Michael is a do it your self handyman and very passionate about living a lifestyle that has little impact on his environment. Because of this he went about renovating his home to be energy efficient with Solar & wind power.

After he constructed his own systems his neighbours and passer bys stopped and asked him about the systems that he had. Some asked questions and some were seeking his advice about implementing their own systems.

Then there were those that didn’t want to do it themselves, so they payed him to build the solar panels for them. This provided a healthy addition to his income. In fact he suggests that when you get really good at making the Solar panels & wind turbines yourself, that you too could make these for extra money.

Michael wants as many people as possible to change to renewable energy and that comes across clearly.

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When he first completed writing his guides, he wanted to see if it was easy for anyone that had no knowledge at all to implement. So he found 11 people that wanted to convert their homes with renewable energy. He instructed them with his program which included making solar panels & wind generators. They also designed their systems and constructed to completion. Once this had been successful he knew he could be confident to market the training program to anybody.

Michael added videos and a free life time support membership which provides updated information. As renewable energy interest increases and new ideas & solutions are released anyone that belongs to this program will continue to benefit.

Michael has also added extra eBooks to his collection. They include Car go h2o, DIY hot water, my organic food garden, & precious water. He has been that successful, that he has hired a marketing expert to take care of the website, promotions & sales.

Michael speaks about saving money on power bills and suggests you may get paid when your excess contributes to the grid, however in Australia the power companies are under no obligation to pay you for any excess that you may generate. But I can vouch that going with solar energy definitely has massive savings.

Michael also discusses the various ways to source items which maybe helpful for those on a limited budget. If you are seriously considering using Solar or Wind power I hope that you have found this Michael Harvey Review helpful. I recommend that this is one of the few detailed programs to follow.

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