Portable Solar Power Pocket

Reware Visit HereLife couldn't be easier with a portable solar power pocket. Here is a solar powered pocket that allows you to connect where ever you roam.

The portable solar power pocket comes as a tidy fold up wallet. Made with thin photovoltaic panels, that are waterproof and capable of handling many extreme conditions.

Easy to use. Unfold it, aim it at the sun then Plug in your phone, PDA, GPS, or ipod. This portable tool can be used with any 12volt device.

As it automatically charges you can continue about your business. Once charged you'll find it is so easy to store away. To View Specifications visit now

There are two choices 6.5watt & 12watt

For Emergencies you can trickle charge your vehicle, gold detector or boat battery, there are unlimited ways you can use a portable solar power pocket.

Imagine going bush or sailing the seas with one of these. better still you will never be strandard again. No longer will the family trip have winging teenagers needing power supplies to relieve their bordom. for more information click the image below.


Portable Solar Power Pocket