Renewable Energy Mindset 

create your own future - mind movies 2.0Once upon a time all the talk about saving the planet, conserving energy and looking out for Mother Nature was seen as coming from spiritualists and naturalists, who were often viewed with suspicion. Renewable Energy Mindset ?

These days however, nothing could be further from the truth. Celebrities are championing the environment, calling on us all to do that little bit more to protect the planet. Politicians are setting out environmental policies, and working towards sustainable futures without plundering the earth’s natural resources.

It seems everyone is getting into the renewable energy mindset, and we are now eager to know how we can help and what we can do to give something back to the land we live on.

Mind Movies allows you to create a Renewable Energy Mindset

From bigger projects like installing solar panels and wind turbines, to composting your biomass food waste and recycling your newspapers, there are hundreds of things you can do.   

And once you start incorporating these things into your everyday life, you will find they come naturally to you and that you are, in fact, in the renewable energy mindset.

When you first think about renewable energy, you would be forgiven for imagining huge wind turbines or state-or-the-art solar panel roofs that you would have little realistic chance of funding or installing.

But looking at renewable energy and getting in the renewable energy mindset does not have to involve projects on as grand a scale as those. There are things you can do on a much smaller scale that can increase your renewable energy usage and could even make you completely self-sufficient when it comes to powering your home.

On top of all the environmental benefits, you will also notice a marked difference in your household bills. Most households are having to tighten their belts at the moment and while you may have to pay for some equipment to make use of the renewable energy available to you, in the long run the savings you make will cover the initial outlay many times over.

There are even ways to cut down on the initial outlay costs if you are clever, and sometimes cheeky enough.  

Many homeowners have had solar panels installed for a number of years, and are finding they need to upgrade the ones they originally had installed. You often find the old ones, although working perfectly well, end up at the dump. Check out your local one and see what you can find.

Other things are easier to do. Just get an old bucket or bin and leave outside to collect rainfall. Use this water on the garden, to give your plants and flowers nourishment. These plants, and even weeds, use the water and are essentially biomass matter, which can then be used to produce energy and fuel.

If you have access to flowing water near your home, you could also look into hydro power. There are micro units available that can operate on smaller quantities of water – you just need water flow and for the water to drop from one point to a lower point. This is the most reliable of renewable energy sources as water flows constantly, meaning you don’t have to rely on the sunshine.

view mind movies 2.0 interview with Bob Proctor

View mind movies 2.0 interview with Bob Proctor