Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Solutions- Earth4EnergyLately there is a lot of interest in what is known as the energy crisis, It has become an issue to reduce the dependency of fossil fuels and Non renewable energy. Renewable Energy sources are created by natural resources and are those that have very little impact on the environment as in solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy and hydro energy anything with low level waste. These types of energy sorces are the preferred approach to solving the world situation. But research is ongoing from backyard to scientific labs so we can expect further developments over the coming years.   

To look further into some of these current solutions

Wind Energy: In outback Australia you will see the majority wind use in windmills, mainly to pump water to the wells for the cattle & stock. Now they are also used to generate power with what is know as wind Generators or wind turbines. Both require very little maintenance, but you do need to keep inspecting the systems. Wildlife & live stock can cause small interruptions that if left un-checked can cause major works. That aside these solutions can generate electricity for most large stations and are a practical addition.

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Solar Energy: We are fortunate in Australia to experience an abundance of the sun and now we can use this energy source to create electricity almost anywhere. It is not restricted to urban areas. This makes living in the outback more appealing and those that camp can stay out longer than ever before with this luxury. Solar energy would be used to charge batteries in the first instance. But once the camp site is established hot water, lighting and even cooking can be a benefit. With the advancements these days, solar energy can be used for things like electric cars and who knows what else will follow.

Hydro energy: Energy created by water & tides has been the most widely used form of renewable energy. Water is harvested in dams and is then converted to electricity through the flowing water which is passed through water turbines & generators. Going by Wikipedia over 20% of the world electricity is generated through this method. Tidal energy is more predictable than Solar & wind energy and produces electricity through tide mills. Electrical cars can also be powered by Hydro energy as oil becomes more in demand consumers are looking towards these other renewable energy sources.

Geothermal Energy: This energy comes from the earth itself. Usually around areas that have a large amount of volcanic activity such as New Zealand. Most of the heat is assumed to be from the decay of natural radio-active elements and minerals from deep within the earth. These days it can be harvested and extracted using a geothermal heat pump. The main purpose of this energy source is for heating & hot water. Obvious natural forms of geothermal energy are bathing in hot pools and cooking a hangi within the ground itself. (Ground heat).

Renewable energy sources have many advantages apart from being cost-effective it has a less damaging effect on the earths natural systems and most options are low on maintenance.

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