Renewable Power in Remote Locations

Green DIY Energy click hereRelying on the electrical grid or generators for power when you live in a remote location can be seen as the only options available to ensure constant power for your home, cabin or caravan.   

But we all know how remote areas are often susceptible to power cuts and lack of fuel, and the location means when there is a blackout it can sometimes be a while before you are back up and running.

These days people are increasingly looking towards renewable energy sources to provide them with the power they need to function on a day-to-day basis. Things like wind power, hydro power and solar power can all be sufficient ways of harnessing the earth’s natural resources to provide for your power needs.  

Using these natural sources as a means to produce energy is not only kinder to the environment, it can also mean a huge reduction in your energy bills. And in the present economic climate, that has to be a major benefit. 

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Living in remote locations often increases the cost of connecting to the grid, due to the complexities involved. By switching to renewable energy you can instead enjoy quiet, clean power without the bills. 

Solar power is one way of doing this, and is of course perfect for areas that are lucky enough to benefit from strong, regular sunshine. The panels take in the light from the sun and convert it into energy to be used to give power to the home.  

These panels can also store the energy from the sun, meaning that even on grey, cloudy days, there will still be power to allow you to carry on as you would if you were connected to the grid. 

Wind power is also being used more widely these days, and many people have built mini wind turbines on their land to generate power for their homes or offices. 

Hydro power is another renewable energy resource, and is something that is achievable providing you have access to flowing water and that there is a drop. In other words, providing the water flows from one point to a lower point, you should be able to establish some access to hydro power. 

The benefit of hydro power is that water is constantly flowing, so the power is always generated no matter what. 

Some people have managed to become completely self-sufficient regarding their energy needs by using methods like these. This is a fantastic achievement and means they no longer pay for any of the power they use as it is generated naturally. 

This may not be feasible for some people. However, offsetting just a small percentage of your power use by using a renewable energy resource can be of huge benefit to a household or business. Not only does it mean you are doing your bit for the environment by using a form of clean, non-polluting power, but you will find the cost savings can be quite dramatic. 

Overall there can be no doubt that using renewable power sources is the way forward, and the beauty is that anyone can do it. 

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