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Richard Stubbs Review Click HereAuthor Richard Stubbs review for the Solar Power Design Manual: Richard Stubbs is a solar power engineer.This means you will experience some genuine expertise. He has travelled extensively instructing courses for solar power in developing countries for major development agencies.  

His experience covers wind power, solar power, hybrid systems and solar thermal installations. He specialises, in solar photovoltaics for medical and domestic applications.

He now resides in France and has placed his valuable information into the Solar Power Design Manual. Think about the experience Richard has gained over the years in this business. He explains things in simple terms, easing you through the process of designing and installing power systems, whatever your requirements.  

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The Solar Power Design Manual prepares you from the beginning stages of setting up your system correctly. To get this right is important. While I have you thinking about your design. You’ll need to look into your preferences of appliances including the hot water system & lighting and total up the amount of watts used daily. 

Fridges, freezers and washing machines are the common appliances, but what if you use a bread maker, it is amazing how much power one of these can use. I know a few station owners that use the bread maker to prove the dough but then cook it in the oven. These small appliances suck the power straight out of a generator. Solar Power would improve this situation making it a time saving & cost effective solution. 

The value of lighting, refrigeration & continuous hot water in homesteads many miles from the nearest power station cannot be measured. The practical benefits that most urban homes take for granted, may well outweigh the cost for many. Having to go out in the middle of the night, some metres away to switch off the generator and then torch it back can be tiresome & annoying. Solar power in this instance would be a blessing. 

Design experts like Richard Stubbs would be most helpful for the average Australian station owner. When you consider including a shearing shed, shearer’s quarters and a couple of homesteads on to a solar and wind power system. It would be of benefit to spend time on the design. 

I have seen some people start with small moves and then add on. That’s fine but if you have a design to follow in the beginning, you at least have the fundamentals in place and can then later add as the budget or necessity requires.  

As the cost of traditional sources of power continues to increase, government grants and incentives have been available in Australia for some time and are updated constantly. Politicians are more focused on encouraging the use of solar systems and decrease the reliance of other methods. 

No matter whether you are a station owner, a DIY handyman or just want to know more about how solar power works, the Solar Power Design Manual has all the information you’ll need. A processional publication from an expert in his field. 

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