Solar Power Design Manual Review

Reviewed by: Raelene Johnson
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Click Here - Solar Power Design ManualSolar Power Design Manual Review: The Solar Power Design Manual is written by Richard Stubbs, who is an experienced Solar Power engineer and has travelled extensively during his career in all types of environments.

The Manual has a process that considers the climate for the type of design you require, It provides detailed design calculations for climates similar to the UK.This Manual also explains the need to be practical about your expectations.

Topics which are covered are:

• Optimising your loads: this is established as part of the design. The load is worked out from the average usage of appliances, the load on the system is through the amount of power it would have to supply. It states that the consumer should source appliances with the least amount of power consumption. This is called optimising your load on the power system.

• Size the Array: what’s that you ask? The manual goes into depth about such words in simplistic terms.

• Battery storage: how many days you need to cover if there are sunless days, is the first question to be answered. As this will give you an idea of how many batteries you require. For remote locations that are too far away from the common electrical grid you will be looking at no less than 5 days. Most inland areas are fortunate to have majority of sun.

• Car batteries or deep cell batteries they are different and Richard explains why you need to purchase correctly.

• Battery set up and why you need to be weary of ventilation and protection from the weather.

• Controllers and invertors Richard explains the way to calculate what your specific needs are. However in Australia you require an electrician to install your inverter.

• Electrical cables are best close to the usage point as possible. Apparently the thicker the cable the more costs that have to be considered. There are helpful wiring diagrams to follow as well.

So you can consider designing your system, purchase or source every item that you require and then hire a professional to install, Or you can do it yourself with the help of the Solar Design Manual.

For the Do it yourself person click here to discover the Solar Power Design Manual by Richard Stubbs.

Richard Stubbs Author Solar Power Design Manual